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Dasher The Reindeer Gourd

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Dasher The Reindeer Gourd

This adorable little hard shell gourd reindeer is caramel in color and is hand-crafted by a small team of expert crafters. Dash is sure to delight with his whimsical antlers and adorable red wooden nose. His brown antlers are adjustable, and he comes adorned with a cozy winter scarf. Dash comes with a hand-painted white inlay on his chest a classic snowflake cutout that lets a warm amber glow through to brighten you home with the included electric light.

  • adorable little hard shell reindeer gourd 
  • hand-crafted 
  • sure to delight with his whimsical antlers 
  • adorable red wooden nose
  • brown antlers are adjustable
  • adorned with a cozy winter scarf
  • hand-painted 
  • classic snowflake cutout
  • warm amber glow
  • electric light included 
  • Made in United States of America
  • 12" w x 12" h